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The Counseling Department at Grenada Middle School is dedicated to helping each child reach his or her maximum potential within a safe learning environment. We also strive to provide a comprehensive educational program that fosters the academic, physical, social, and emotional growth for all students.

The term “counseling” may seem scary, but it should be a positive process that guides a person to become more self-aware, gain positive coping skills to deal with life’s challenges, and achieve healthy emotional management. At GMS, we encourage open communication with students. The hope is that if each child knows someone in the school — aside from teachers and friends — truly cares about their progress, then that student will be more motivated to succeed. 

Counseling services at GMS are offered in the form of individual, group, and classroom counseling. Some of the ways we help students include:

Minute Meetings.
We start off the school year by meeting with all of our students. This gives the students a chance to know who their school counselors are, and it helps us determine where students may need our assistance. In addition, our students, teachers, and parents are invited to complete a Needs Assessment. This helps us guide our own department goals and see where current needs are.

Counselor Corner.
In Canvas, the online learning site used by all students, the counselors have established areas where we teach social-emotional counseling lessons, character building, and promote mental health awareness. Parents and students may come to the counselor’s office for information on a variety of resources such as tutoring, parent tips, community counseling for additional support, and more.   

Career Day.
GMS counselors help students envision their future by introducing them to career opportunities that await them after high school. Our annual Career Day event gives students a chance to meet successful GSD alumni and learn more about their professions. By educating students about potential career choices, we’re encouraging them to consider their future. We hope that one day down the road, as they’re accepting their diploma, they won’t be left wondering, “What next?”

In 7th and 8th grade, students meet multiple times with their counselor to chart their academic journey, based on individual interests and career aspirations. Students work with their counselor to complete an Individual Student Success Plan (ISP). They set goals for themselves, whether it be a route to college or straight to the workforce out of high school. Students will have frequent opportunities along the way to review and revise their pathway.

Finally, the counselors here help organize and facilitate the state and district testing for the middle school, providing the critical link between student goals and achievement.

If you have a question about your middle school child’s social-emotional health, academic goals and progress, contact the GMS Counseling Department at 662-226-5135.

Two counselors in the GMS counseling office

GMS Counseling Dept.

Grenada Middle School
28 Jones Rd.
Grenada, MS  38901

Ashley HarrellCounselor

Kiara JohnsonCounselor

Tiffany McCuistonSecretary/Records Keeper

Counseling Forms

The GMS Counseling Department encourages parents to communicate with counselors to ensure their student’s needs are met. Parents may fill out and submit forms to begin the conversation or learn more about their child’s educational goals.

GMS Parent Needs Assessment

GMS Parent/Community School Counselor Referral Form

Mississippi Diploma and Endorsement Information

* All GMS students have a school counselor referral form in their counselor corner and are able to refer themselves if they need to see the school counselor.