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Students in grade 6-8 who show artistic promise may be eligible for the Visual Arts Program at GMS. This hands-on, project-based class is based on standards provided by the Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Arts Learning Standards for Visual Arts.

To be considered for the program, students must submit two drawings — one observational drawing from real life (subject matter assigned by the teacher) and one drawing from imagination. 

Once accepted, students will study principles and methods of art, participate in art critiques, survey the work of well-known artists, and complete weekly art projects. Various methods will be studied and practiced, including traditional drawing and painting, printmaking, digital art, and hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery. 

Students will  be graded according to development of craft, engagement and persistence, vision, expression, observation, exploration, and reflection. Students are expected to participate in regional and state competitions as well as display artwork in the school building.

Instructor: Lauren Funderburk

Ella Grace Byford poses with her drawing of a cotton field

Ella Grace Byford, statewide winner of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Ag Art Contest