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Nathalie Tramel

Library Media Specialist

The Grenada Middle School library is a hub of student activity. Classes visit the library on a regular schedule, and students are encouraged to come in during available times throughout the day. The librarian, along with a cache of student library workers, assist the students in finding books appropriate to their interests and reading levels.

The ever-growing collection of books includes both fiction and non-fiction titles labeled for AR reading levels, a large collection of graphic novels, as well as classroom sets of novels for teachers’ use in the classroom. The library also hosts extra computers for students to check out when the need arises. Students and teachers are able to utilize the Destiny Discover library catalog system to browse the library virtually where they may place books on hold or check out and read one of our many ebooks.

The library also hosts a variety of fun activities that encourage a love of reading and make the library an exciting place to visit, including a book fair each fall, and Reader’s Pass Rewards on Fridays where teachers can nominate students to come in during non-academic times to play games, read, or just hang out with friends. Additionally, a school-wide reading initiative encourages students to read through engaging competitions with both individual and grade-level rewards.


Library Mission:

The goal of the GMS library is to instill a love of reading while also supporting the curriculum in order to foster learning through reading. We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment to encourage students to read for inquiry and information in order to equip students with the skills needed to be successful life-long learners.

GMS Media Center
GMS Media Center
GMS Media Center
GMS Media Center
GMS Media Center

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AR Battle of the Belt

This year, GMS administrators have challenged students to read 15,000 books by the end of the year. Students who contribute the most toward this goal will enjoy a host of rewards, including possession of a coveted wrestling belt for the class of the week, as well as attendance at a wrestling match that pits faculty members against each other.

The AR Battle of the Belt contest rewards one class each in grades 6-8. A new set of winners are determined each week by various reading criteria: most books read, most points earned, best balance between fiction and nonfiction, or best class average. 

Winning classes not only earn possession of the championship belt — displayed above the door outside the classroom — they also receive a free dress day.

Students are encouraged to be “Champion Readers” by earning points not only for their grade but for themselves as well. Ambitious readers who accumulate 75 points will receive their own poster on the wall of fame outside the cafeteria. One hundred and fifty points earns a bling necklace. The pinnacle of 300 points will earn students a royal blue satin bomber jacket with their name and the Charger logo emblazoned on the lapel.