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The philosophy of Project LEAP is to develop the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical self of the gifted student by providing opportunities for enrichment beyond the regular classroom experience. Through divergent thinking and self-expression, the program strives to instill positive attitudes and values to produce effective individuals and leaders in a cooperative atmosphere.

The middle school LEAP class is open to students who participated in the program at the Green Top. The hands-on, project-based class combines elements of Project Lead the Way’s engineering and design process with Future Problem Solving, where students arrive at real-life solutions to global problems on a community level. 

In addition to state-approved curriculum based on the process skills of thinking, creativity, information literacy and communication, GMS LEAP students also participate in LEGO robotics and the Duke TIP program, learn coding and the basics of Python, explore careers and interview professionals, and confront logic and critical thinking challenges. 

Lauren Funderburk

A girl builds a robot out of Legos